David Taylor

Observing people has been a lifelong love of mine and is really useful when coming up with ideas for my plays and film scripts. I realised quite late in life (28) that there is so much drama on your own doorstep. Growing up in a small town in Derbyshire wasn’t the most obvious place for inspiration but I soon found there is so much material in the people and places and the traditions and cultures found here – and I love it. I use this ‘local library of ideas’ to create drama, comedy and stories that focus on the ordinary-extraordinary. The humour here is unique as is the friendly and likeableness of its people – a movable feast for us writers. I also like take the essence of me to write about extraordinary things from my travels around the UK and the world. I’m really excited about the film projects coming and the MADE Theatre Workshop Creative Collective.

So if you share and like what you see about MADE and are a creative person or want to be – get in touch and with James, Jude and myself, together we might just create the next big BAFTA, CANNES Palme d’Or, TONY, or OSCAR winners

Writing projects in production or development:
A one-act stage play - Before the Hymns
A two-Act stage play - Serendipity Cottage
A political community musical theatre project
A six part television series, Gigolo
A 1930s period film Solitary Soul
Development of a play based on research undertook in South Africa on Sonny Vankathranans’ copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare, The Alexander Text, infamously known as the 'Robben Island Bible'. The play will use the interviews undertaken with several political prisoners and other South Africans experiences during the apartheid years. My aim is to produce a script for stage and film to inform and entertain a wide-reaching audience

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